Do you like to travel?  Do you ever think that you need to reward yourself after some demanding work? Do you just get excited when there are plane ticket sales?  And when you find a promo fare you feel like it’s just fate uncovering its mission, that this new place is just calling out to you.

Well, we are one and the same.  I love exploring to get inspired and to strive better with my work.  For now, I would like to witness the beauty of my country, the Philippines, before I can treasure other places aside from my own.  I wander within my means so I guess this blog would not feature any skydiving or checking in at luxury hotels because I don’t think that you have to spend so much to be able to seek and experience other places.  In fact, you travel to become richer.

Although I’m not a professional blogger, you can expect that I will share my mind and my heart with you genuinely. My blog is as imperfect as I am and everyday I yearn to be better at it.  I hope to continue to write this and share my passion with you for many years to come.




9 thoughts on “Welcome to WENGWENGWANDERS!

  1. Thanks for this awesome blog! I need to find a place for me to bring my girlfriend, well… ex…, in the near future after I give her the space she needs.


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