When in Siargao: Island Hopping at Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands

I just have a thing for beaches and island hopping to these three beaches of Naked, Dako and Guyam Island added excitement to my decadent trip in Siargao.  There is just something about the aquamarine waters and powdery white sand that I couldn’t get enough.  The sound of crashing waves and the relaxing warmth of the sun give tingles down to my spine and you know that you’re in love with summer forever.  And you, too, would fall in love with Siargao.

On our second day, we went on a tour to Bucas Grande Islands in the humble town of Socorro, Surigao del Norte and on our way back to the mainland of Siargao, we passed by these three equally gorgeous islands situated near General Luna which is hailed as the surfing spot in Siargao.

Naked Island is named as it is because there is nothing you can find there but white sand and clear blue waters.  There are no trees to give you shade or even cottages built to host tourists.  The rawness of the beach gives simplicity and quality appreciation to the eye.  The bareness of the island however must not be overlooked because its uniqueness is comparable to the best beaches in the Philippines.  If you have visited Boracay Island in Aklan and Virgin Island near Bantayan, Cebu, then Naked Island is likely similar to these.  If you have walked barefoot in the said beaches especially in Station 1 in Boracay where the sand is most fine and powdery then imagine wandering into finer and whiter sands of Naked Island.  The beach remains to be untouched and swimming in its transparent waters is refreshing and ultimately picture worthy.

Next stop was Dako Island.  Dako came from the word “daku” which means big as it is the biggest of the three islands.  Our boat docked into the white beach.  We arrived there almost sunset and it was low tide, half of the beach was almost elevated and you had to climb against the exquisite pearly sands to get to their cottages made of nipa.  There are also available “bahay kubos” or stilt houses for tourists to spend overnight in.  The rest of the island is filled with coconut tress, probably about 80% of the area and that just give you the best natural shade from the scorching heat of the sun.  The sand in Dako Island is the most beautiful among the three in my own opinion alongside with its clearest waters making it the most ideal beach to swim.  An added attraction to the island is that you can practice surfing here.  The waves are calmer and much smaller compared to the surfbreaks of Quicksilver and Cloud 9 in General Luna.  If you’re a newbie, then you can definitely try to learn surfing here.  Even just practicing the right stances and balance is already an advantage when you try to conquer the unforgivable waves of Cloud 9.

Guyam is the smallest among the three.  But size doesn’t really matter when you get to seek this wonderful islet.  The setting provides the usual island vibe but what makes it different is the stony formations that are covered with mosses giving it a foamy texture.  During low tide, natural pools form with these corals and stony structures that create a naturally rustic version of Magpupungko Pools.  Guyam Island is highly similar to Dako Island wherein it also has cottages that visitors can lounge in.  In addition, corals are also widespread along the reefs for marine explorers.


  • Go on snorkeling along the reefs of Guyam and Dako Island.  Enjoy the lovely views of the corals, seaweeds, seasnakes, etc.
  • Do sunbathe on Naked Island.  Dare to go topless.  It’s not called Naked Island for no reason.
  • Stay overnight at Dako Island and lounge in the white sands.
  • Practice surfing at Dako Island.
  • Explore the whole island if time permits.
  • The three islands are bereft of electricity so make sure to bring your powerbank with you.
  • Drink coconut water to experience the island vibe.

Island Hopping Boat Fee – 1500 for whole day

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