When in Cebu:  Override the Powerful Cascades of Badian to Kawasan


Thinking about what to do this summer?  Tired of the usual cerulean waters and white sand beaches? Ever thought of risking your life for so many times in just one adventure?  If you answer yes to all these questions, then Badian-Kawasan Canyoneering is definitely worth of a life gamble.


I never liked going to the falls.  Maybe because it was just too cold for me and when I equate summer, I would love to soak myself in the sun, lay bare in the white fine sediments and just a cocktail on my hand would complete my trip.  But I just thought that if I had this adrenaline rush and knowing that I won’t be getting any younger then surely this opportunity I would not let pass.


We had a call time of 12am, riding a bus from Bacolod to Dumaguete.  Since Badian is found at the West and Southern part of Cebu, we decided to take the Sibulan-Liloan route.  Just a town before Dumaguete, we alighted in Sibulan and walked towards the port.  It will take you at least 15 minutes to arrive in Liloan, Cebu.  From Liloan port, we rode a tricycle going to the bus station and rode a bus going directly to Moalboal because it was just very tiring for us to do the canyoneering  on that day.


White Beach Moalboal, mostly famous for its diving sites and white sand beaches, is one of best tourist spots of Cebu.  It is highly sought for value travelers and their public beach is great for camping and lounging.  If you’re a diver, experience free diving with million of sardines in Pescador Island at a very cheap price.  In addition, Moalboal is very cheap overall, with “carinderia” prices of food and low room rates.  You will conclusively get more of what you pay for.


Spending the night there, we swam in the clear waters against the best backdrop of the sunset.  We got cozy on the beach with drinks on our hands, watching people get busy on their bonfires at night.  Just a laid back vibe and pure simplicity depict the beach.

Early morning while we were having breakfast, it freaking rained hard.  We were just so disappointed that we traveled so far for nothing.  We talked to our contact to make sure if we could still pursue it and we had a positive response.  It took us about an hour from Moalboal to Badian.  Arriving at their mini booth, we asked the guide to make sure if it’s really safe.  Just because the adventure itself was already a big risk, I just didn’t want to kill myself more hahah.  The tour guide explained that they only stop canyoneering if it continuously rained for three days and if there is a storm the week before.  So they only base the current of the water of the previous days.

We changed into our suits and hooked all our safety gears.  Our bags were placed on their lockers, bringing only the necessary things.  Remember to bring money with you and put it on a waterproof bag because the canyoning can make you very hungry afterwards.  We rode a motorcycle heading to the starting point at Poblacion, Alegria which takes you about ten to fifteen minutes.  There were two registrations needed to be accomplished before it started.  There were food vendors situated at the registration.

Just a five minute walk from the office to the starting point,  the adventure now begins.

Badian-Kawasan Canyoneering has two kinds of adventure.  The most famous one is the downstream canyoneering which you start from Badian, the higher portion and just have a total of 8 cliff jumps and countless times of sliding and swimming, finishing it until Kawasan National Park and waterfalls.


The more challenging kind is what they call the reverse canyoneering which is the river climbing.  They start at the lower portion which involves abseiling and the use of climbing gears.  Whichever is your choice, it will surely be a once in a lifetime experience.

Prepare to cliff jump to as high as 20 feet which is the highest jump to start the canyoning tour.  Cebu Canyoneering involves climbing down the canyon by the means of walking, swimming, climbing and abseiling so prepare your mind for the action that awaits you.


In the middle of the tour, you get to lounge in this dark blue waters which are too dreamy and enchanting.

You know when you’re nearly finished when you arrive at the second highest jump after about three hours.  There are grilled food situated at the cliff so while you’re gaining your composure and prepare for your jump, you can take a rest and eat some pork inasal.

On your way to the exit, you can witness the lovely color of the stream which forms as a mini pond.  You can never fail to appreciate the awesomeness of the nature’s beauty.


The end of the tour welcomes you to the gorgeous sapphire water of Kawasan Falls Level 3, the topmost portion of the famed Kawasan cascade.  There are also food vendors selling snacks and drinks to replenish your lost calories.  The whole experience takes you to about 3-4 hours depending on your speed.

We made our way to Level 1 and took a swim for a little while.  After having enough rest, we went back to their booth and caught a bus back to Liloan.


Canyoneering Tour:

Joeproadventures (as low as 650 pesos each if direct booking)
+63 935 531 4702
inclusions: safety helmet, life vest, transportation fee from station to jump start, all entrance fees

Kawasan Canyoneering (1200 each)
Pips: +63 918 654 4111
inclusions: safety helmet, life vest, transportation fee from station to jump start, light snacks, recovery meal, all entrance fees


How to get there:

From Bacolod:

Bus to Dumaguete (5 hours)
Alight in Sibulan (5 min walk)
Take a ferry to Liloan Port (15 minutes)
Ride a Bus or Trike to Bato Terminal (10 minutes)
Bus from Bato to Badian (1 hour and 30 minutes)

From Moalboal: Ride a bus to Badian (1 hour)

From Cebu: Ride a Ceres Bus (3-4 hours)

From international and other provinces: head to Cebu International Airport or Dumaguete Airport


Where to stay:

Basdaku Beach

HK Beach Resort +63 919 476 6385
Ester’s Homestay +63 927 578 5983 / malyn_esc7106@yahoo.com.ph
Magic’s Place +63 905 906 6956

Barefoot White Beach Resort +63 928 4939 798



  1. Arrive early.
  2. Bring money with you on the tour.
  3. Always listen to the guide or you get washed away with the current.
  4. Wear proper attire to protect yourself.
  5. Eat a fair amount to last you for 5 hours.
  6. Get a good sleep the night before.
  7. Don’t forget to bring your GroPro camera.  If you don’t have any, they let you rent it for 500 pesos.
  8. If you have any valuables with you, they offer a locker.
  9. If you have an ample time, you can pass by Lambug Beach in Badian.  It has incredible white sand and public yet serene beach.
  10. You can make moalboal diving, canyoneering adventure, swimming with the whalesharks in Oslob and island hop at Sumilon in one trip. So make the most out of your adventure in Cebu.


Budget Breakdown (group of 4)

Ceres Bus 1464
Ferry to Liloan 280
Breakfast 120
Trike to Bato Terminal 100
Bus to Badian 228
Trike to Lambug Beach 160
Entrance 60
Bus to Moalboal 52
Trike to White Beach 150
Lunch 1200
Water 60
Dinner 276
Breakfast 275
Room 1800
Trike to Badian 300
Tour 2400
Tip 100
Bus to Liloan 204
Trike to Port 200
Dinner 234
Ferry to Sibulan 248
Jeep to Dumaguete 60
Trike to Ceres 32
Bus to Bacolod 1100

Total: 11103 (2775.75 each)


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