When In Iceland: See the Northern Lights

40 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Iceland

and 10K PHP (pocket money) would be enough for 6 days!



Traveling to the country that is hailed as the most expensive place in the world would definitely hurt your pocket.  But my girls and I figured out how to travel cheap in this amazing travel destination.  

  1. To tick off Northern Lights from your bucketlist. Need I say more?
  2. To be in two continents at once where some parts of Iceland are on the North American Tectonic plate while the other half are on the Eurasian plate. Iceland is the only place in the world where this rift is above sea-level and nowhere you can see the edges of both plates as clearly as in Pingvellir.
  3. To see the only UNESCO World Heritage site on the Icelandic mainland, Pingvellir National Park.
  4. To visit one of the Game of Thrones location.  Pingvellir National Park became the wildling camping site in the famous series.
  5. To swim in the largest man made lagoon in the world, Blue Lagoon.
  6. To bathe in the outside pool even if it’s winter. Never forget to pack your bikinis.
  7. To witness the gorgeous powder blue water rich in minerals like silica and sulfur that help some skin diseases.
  8. To enjoy spa in the middle of a lava field, get some face mask and a couple of drinks which they charge to your electronic bracelet. Pretty cool right?
  9. To see the Skogafoss Waterfall which gets its water from two glaciers.
  10. To get a glimpse of a rainbow when it’s sunny day as the light reflects from the water and the snow.  Same location, totally different perspective compared to the previous picture.
  11. And Justin Bieber’s music video “I’ll Show You” was shot here.
  12. To get some exercise by hiking 370 steps in 15 minutes (including photoshoot time).
  13. To witness the view from above that is so worth it.
  14. To check out one of the top 10 beaches in the world, and the sand is black. Reynisfjara black sand beach is the most beautiful in the country.
  15. To see a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and basalt stacks.  Just a head’s up. People die in here. “Sneaker waves” become very violent and drag people into the shore and they don’t survive. So keep your distance.
  16. To walk into a lava beach that has risen from the ashes. White sand beaches are pretty but black sand beaches are to die for.
  17. To visit one of the three municipalities in Katla UNESCO Global Geopark, Vik.
  18. To be next to the Katla Volcano, which can erupt anytime.
  19. Well, the tour guide said they would send a text message if there is a need for a evacuation. So priorities, photo op first.
  20. To take endless road trip.  Tours can last up to 14 hours per day.  During summer, a lot of people do road trips and set up tents and just sleep anywhere.  There is no wildlife so it’s practically safe.
  21. Look at those gorgeous views. Not into Iceland yet?
  22. And did I mention it’s the perfect backdrop for your Facebook cover photo?
  23. To see icebergs.  Jokusarlon glacial lagoon, the largest national park in Iceland is formed due to melted glaciers. It’s a photographer’s paradise.
  24. Maybe it’s called Iceland because everything here is covered with ice, even their “Diamond Beach”.
  25. To observe seals in their natural habitat.  During winter, seals hibernate here.
  26. I guess the wallpaper in Windows is real with this view.  You can even camp out with your tents and witness the Northern Lights.
  27. To visit Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull.
  28. Ice caves are right behind me, being one of the largest glaciers; Vatnajokull becomes a primary source of water to Jokusarlon.
  29. To see Gulfoss Waterfall. It is a part of the glacial river Hvita. It’s a three step waterfall. The first one gets obscured from the view so it appears that the river simply vanishes into the earth.
  30. As the sunlight reflects on it, the waterfall turns gold. Hence, the name came about as the Golden Circle Tour.
  31. There are so many waterfalls in Iceland.  I probably need to come back in the summer as some of them turn ice and make a frozen waterfall.
  32. To experience winter season where the sun rises at 11am and starts to set at 3pm.  During midday, everything is all white and the sky is filled with colours, you get pink skies if you’re lucky.
  33. To walk behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Except winter, where the path is closed as it becomes very slippery and dangerous for tourists.
  34. Since the days are short in winter, lights are turned on for the tourists to enjoy the view.  Even had a northern lights forecast near it when we visited this place.
  35. To stop along the Golden Circle Tour and see the active Geysir Hot Spring Area.  It explodes boiling water up to 30 meters every 5-10 minutes.
  36. To visit the old seat of the bishops, Skalholt Cathedral.
  37. To trace Iceland’s Viking history in the country’s capital, Reykjavik.
  38. To visit the largest church in Iceland.  Hallgrimskirkja is a Lutheran parish church which is just 10 minutes walk away from our apartment.
  39. To take sight of Icelandic houses in the city that are just pretty awesome.
  40. Last but not the least, to have THE best adventure ever.
    DCIM100GOPROGOPR3519.JPGTravel tips:

    1. Traveling in winter season would be cheaper with its airline tickets and most people go this time to see the Northern Lights.  However, if you really want to travel cheap; travel in the summer and rent a car, then you can split the bill with your travel buddies.
    2. Book all your tours in one place. Grayline is the leading tour guide for your Iceland Adventure.  Driving  a car in winter season would be dangerous as the snowstorm is unpredictable.  So sit back, relax, travel with a group and meet new friends.
    3. Let’s say a regular meal would cost 20GBP (1400PHP). To be specific, that would just be a meal, without drinks, deserts, or any starter. Total meal cost estimate would be 35-40GBP (2800PHP). Double it if you are into fine dining.  Traveling for a week eating out would definitely blow up your budget.  So we did grocery shopping.  Cooked breakfast at home, made a sandwich, eat fruits in between and went out for dinner.  That made us save a lot. Like a lot.
    4. Tap water is available everywhere and it’s the cleanest in the world.  Bring a water bottle to save some money.
    5. If you wanna drink alcohol, buy from their duty free shop before leaving the airport.  Cocktails can charge up to 15 GBP (1000 PHP) per glass.
    6. Transportation is never a problem.  It’s so easy. I’ve never seen anything so organised.  Well, to think that walking for 15 to 30 minutes would kill you in that weather.  Needless to say, their means of transportation is very accessible. There are bus stops at every corner and everything is in schedule.
    7. Always have some spare change even if everything is payable by card.  Some toilets charge up to a 100PHP.
    8. If you are traveling in winter, never underestimate the weather. Always bring a spare layer and invest in your best boots possible. The weather can change in an instant. It can snow, rain, be sunny or windy in between 20 minutes.
    9. Always book your Northern Lights Tour the first day so you can always reschedule it on the next days if you don’t see it the first time.

    Where to Stay:
    Just a 10 minute walk from the bus stop and the famous tourist spot and 5 minutes walk from the grocery shops and restaurants, it’s a perfect place right within the heart of the city.


    Book Tours at https://grayline.is

    Travel Itinerary
    Day 1 Flight to Reykjavik
    Day 2 Golden Circle Classic Tour 0830-1630
    Day 3 South Iceland, Waterfall & Black Sand Beach Tour 0830-1830
    Day 4 South Coast & Jokusarlon Glacier Lagoon 0730-2130
    Day 5 The Blue Lagoon Tours start from 0700-2300
    Northern Lights Mystery Tour 2100-0200
    Day 6 Reykjavik City Sightseeing
    Flight to London

    Travel Expense Estimate: 5 people
    In GBP
    Flight 395
    Apartment 785
    All Tours 2560.8
    Taxi RTN 260
    Lunch 30

    In ISK
    Grocery 25830
    Airport Transfer RTN 24500
    Eat Out 33795
    Coffee and Dessert 4300
    Souvenir 4950


    4703.91 GBP
    68 000 PHP per person

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