When in Scotland: Drive to the Highlands

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I chose Scotland to spend my birthday.  First, because I like museums and vintage buildings. Second is the fun part which comes the road trip with visiting castles and atlas landscapes making it a photographer’s dream.

Discover Edinburgh. It’s a city that is just filled with history, ancient buildings and presence of decadence.  Filled with positive vibes, it is definitely one of my favourites.  Quirky and tainted edifice, this low-key city is just waiting to be unfolded.

If you ever get a chance to go outside London while you are in the United Kingdom, make Scotland part of your travel list when it’s just a two hour flight.  You will never regret it.  It takes you on a different world.  The architecture is just noteworthy and the preservation of the past is admirable.


Day 1
Flight from Southampton to Edinburgh

Day 2
Lochness, Glencoe and the Highlands Day Tour
Rannoch Moor
Great Glen
Fort Augustus
Loch Ness
Grampian Mountains
Highland Perthshire

Day 3
Edinburgh Castle
Calton Hill
Scott Monument
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art
Glasgow Cathedral

Day 4
Edinburgh to Southampton

Navigation: CityMapper Mobile App

Where to Stay:
Airbnb: Beautiful box room to rent

Transportation 43.80
Grocery 12.95
Eat out 116.02
Entrance fee 43
Tour 92
Airbnb 130
Flight 209
Total: 646.77 (323.39 per person)

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