When in Bali: Save a day for Nusa Penida

The Essential Guide to Bali

I know everyone is just going to Bali these days and now I know what the craze is all about.  If I get a chance to live here, I would. That’s how beautiful it is.

So if you’re planning to spend your vacation here or go back and see what else you’re missing then I hope this guide helps you.

First thing on my travels, I always pick a location and my God Bali offers various locations, each totally different from another.  This took me a lot of time planning out where to stay and had a ton of research. You have to pick a place which best suits you and figure out what it is you really want from this paradise.




Imagine an area so high end that all the party beach clubs, finest restaurants, chicest boutiques are all in one place.  Add a beach in the scene.  But what stood out the most for me are the famous smoothie bowls from the plant based cafes.  Never miss this spot if you’re vegan or just trying to be healthy.  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is just instagram worthy.


If you want something cheaper and a bit low end then this is the perfect place for you.  Just adjacent to Seminyak, Kuta becomes the epicentre of tourism.  Partygoers and surfers are hooked on this place because you can enjoy chilling at the beach and party all night. Plus it offers cheap food and it has great waves for beginner surfers.  Not to mention, it’s just minutes away from the airport.


I really love a quiet place.  We didn’t really stay here but I got to see Sanur while on our way to Ubud when we stopped by for breakfast.  This would be a break from Seminyak and Kuta and more of like a family place who loves the beach.  It offers serenity without being totally isolated and far flung from the epicentre.


All the good coffee shops and restaurants can be found on this hip area.  They are just so adorable.  The beaches are black sand and they’re perfect for surfing.  It’s like Ubud where you can wake up to a view of rice fields but with a touch of Seminyak since there are also a few party clubs.  It’s next to the temples as well.  If  I would pick a place, this is MY favourite spot.


Everything about the beach and surfing is here.  I love sleeping while hearing the sound of the waves and waking up early morning to surf.  The place is literally next to the beach and I felt like I was in Siargao (Philippines) while I was here.  The water is powder blue and the beach has white sand.  If you’re in Bali for surfing but are looking for bigger swells, then it’s a 10 minute drive to Single Fin from the resorts.  This is probably the best beach spot in Bali.  It’s better than the famous Nusa Penida, tbh.


Aside from the famous Uluwatu temple, this boasts the incredible panoramic views of the landscapes and beach cliffs.  It’s next to Bingin but it’s situated way above sea level.  If you’re a fan of infinity pool and heights screaming with decadence at its best like The Edge then book your stay in the south of Bali.


Anywhere in Bali has the best spot for sunset since it’s enclosed by the ocean.  If you’re a fan of eating cheap seafood by the beach, or if you want something romantic and looking for secluded beaches then this will be your pick.  It’s very near the airport so you can book your last stay here in Bali to prevent the traffic from going back to Kuta or Seminyak.


Now all travellers are just going cray cray about Ubud.  Being one with nature has everyone booking flights at this point.  After watching Eat, Pray Love, I bet you all want to live here.  Those picturesque landscapes of the rice fields next to the appealing resorts with their charismatic pools make you dream of a perfect vacation.  In addition, you get to have breakfast floating on your private pools.  Talk about luxury.  Aside from the tranquility it boasts, getting a cup of the most expensive coffee in the world is not so expensive when you’re in Ubud.  It is also good for yoga and immersing yourself in the true Balinese culture.

Nusa Dua

It’s the home of the world class resorts.  If you want a private, exclusive and luxurious stay, then this is just perfect setting for you.  It’s translated as two islands but it’s pretty much a gated community of resorts and flawless shores.



Eat ice-cream at Finns Beach Club

What I love about Bali is that they make all their food of what they can get from their nature and I’m a big fan of ice cream.  Their flavours are all made up of fruits and ingredients that are best found in their place.  It’s a must try.

It has just recently opened in Canggu.  Pool party and drinking beachside is offered by this resort.  If you want to dance with the the best music from their DJs or just sipping cocktails at the pool with your friends, this has just everything you want for a great time.


See sunset at Canggu

La Laguna restaurant will be your best pick.  It’s a gypsy inspired beach club.  On your entrance, you will be welcomed with mini houses that are either vacant or housed by tarot readers.  Following your path is a restaurant overlooking a black sand beach.  Next to you is a DJ playing some chill music.  You can also eat in the garden where there are fairy lights hanging on top or just be cozy in the grass with their pillows, small carpets and bean bags.  But what I love the most is the amazing sunset which you can enjoy at the beach while making your way on their wooden bridge.  They have bamboo made huts where you can see the locals flying their kites and others swimming in the shore.


Watch a traditional Balinese dance

Now there are numerous spots where you can watch the dance but we did ours in Catur Eka Budi, Kesiman Denpasar.  Offering a quick taste of Indonesian tradition and culture, you can never miss this.  It only lasts for half an hour so it’s a quick segway just before seeing the rice fields.


Drink Luwak Coffee

We never passed this opportunity.  As you all know I’m a big fan of coffee and the mystery of having to drink poo, literally feces, of the Luwak animal make some hesitant to try it.  But honestly, it’s just the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life.  It’s strong, bitter but sweet and won’t make you palpitate if you’re the type of person who has problems with caffeine.  Another alternative if you can’t stomach drinking an animal’s poo is the Balinese coffee.  It’s very strong and will leave you awake for many hours.  There’s a complimentary of small cups of coffee with all the flavors the world has to offer.  In Bali, there’s just too many choices of coffee and you can even take them home and buy some souvenirs.


Do a Bali Swing and see the Tegalalang Rice Fields

Everyone is just doing it for the gram these days and what better way to document your trip in Bali than doing the famous Bali swing.  After all, have you really been to Bali without having a picture with their rice fields?  I would recommend taking pictures of Tegalalang early morning just after the sunrise or before the sunset to prevent the crowd.  While visiting in the summer, it can be very hot during the midday.  And with so many steps to take, it’s one week worth of exercise.


Buy traditional sarongs and witness how it’s made

Everything is just handmade.  Outside, you get to see how women make their traditional sarong made of silk.  Some are even hand painted.  Then there’s a huge store next to it.  Although they’re a bit expensive, but it’s worth it seeing the effort it entails making one.  I always make it a point to buy a souvenir.  So this is a good option aside from the common keychains or bags you can find in the market.  Moreover, you can support their ecotourism as well.


Visit Temples

Although I wish I would have visited every temple known to humanity in this country. I just couldn’t as they’re just too many to fit in our itinerary.  With the little time that we had as my priority is always the beach :(, I had the opportunity to visit Uluwatu, Butuan and Singapadu Temples.  Uluwatu is great to visit early morning and Butuan during sunset just before closing to prevent the crowd of tourists.

Go on a Nusa Penida Day Tour

If you want to go the extra mile with your journey, reserve a day or two to go to Nusa Penida.  It is a separate island from the mainland of Bali but it has the most breathtaking and exotic views I have ever seen in my life.  Ever wonder where all the bloggers go with their pictures in Bali? It’s this place.  The untouched and last frontier of Bali features the famous sceneries that are so magnificent, you wanna stare at it for hours.

We booked our tour the day before with our driver.  Then the tour agency picked us up from our home in Kuta and headed to Sanur Port and settled our payments.  The fast craft left at seven in the morning for the island.  It takes for an hour to arrive at the island.  There was like a reception at the port with the some toilets which became a meeting place for everyone.  

Everyone was formed in groups and each were assigned to small sized vehicles depending on your group. Tour lasted for a total of 6-7 hours and each stop has 20 to 40 minutes travel time.  Note that the roads are not developed so be ready for a bumpy ride.


Angel’s Billabong


Broken Beach

IMG_2567DSCF8230Kelingking Beach


Crystal Bay

Package (1) East trip 1.100K
✳Island tour
♦Giri Putri Temple
♦Atuh Beach
♦Raja Lima
♦Hill Teletubies
⏱Pick up Hotel 6.30a.m-7.30 / Back to Hotel 5.30-6p.m

Packages (2) Special Packages 1.200K
♦Snorkling at wall bay
♦Snorkling at Manta bay
♦Snorkling at GT Point
♦Snorkling equipment

✳Island Tour
♦Kelingking Beach
♦Broken Beach
♦Angel Bilabong
♦Cristal bay
⏱Pick up Hotel 6.30a.m-7.30 / Back to Hotel 5.30-6p.m

Package (3) West trip 1.050K
✳Island tour
♦Kelingking beach
♦Broken Beach
♦Angel Billabong
♦Crystal Bay
⏱Pick up Hotel 6.30a.m-7.30 / Back to Hotel 5.30-6p.m

Packages (4) Snorkling packages 1.000K
✳4×snorkling at
♦Wall Bay
♦Manta Bay
♦GT point
♦Gamat bay/Crystal bay
⏱Pick up Hotel 6.30a.m-7.30 / Back to Hotel 2.30-3p.m

📂 Including :
📌pick up from hotel to harbour and transfer from harbour to hotel
📌Insurance Cover
🚤🕗 Boat will go from sanur harbour 8.15 a.m
🛥🕐🕑🕓 boat from Nusa Penida 1.45, 2.45, and 4.45 p.m


Eat seafood at Jimbaran

Very well known for its seafood, Jimbaran is the place where you can dine with your feet on the sand. They have a selection of numerous restaurants serving their catch of the day.  You can choose to eat whatever your heart’s desire and everything is paid by the gram.

Aside from this, the long stretch of sands leads to limestone cliffs.  You can also swim while waiting for your food.   You can also visit Pura Ulun Siwi, Garuda Wisnu Kencana or can make a pot at Jenggala Gallery.


Surf in Bali

Last but not the least is surfing.  This is actually the main reason I went to Bali, to check out their amazing swells and boy for sure it did not disappoint.  I spent my time at Bingin at the Sun, Surf and Stay and waking up in the morning to surf is one of the best moments of my trip.

There are so many places to try surfing in Bali.  Visit this page for more info. http://www.bali-indonesia.com/magazine/top10-great-surf-spots.htm


IMG_7648DSCF7292DSCF7274Kynd Community

IMG_7735IMG_7733IMG_7726IMG_7718Dusk Blue Restaurant

DSCF7491DSCF7498DSCF7506DSCF7511DSCF7543DSCF7588DSCF7594DSCF7627IMG_7691DSCF7632La Laguna

DSCF7413DSCF7461DSCF7474DSCF7463Finns Beach Club

DSCF8093DSCF8100DSCF8092DSCF8102DSCF8103DSCF8091Potato Head Beach Club

DSCF7821DSCF7850DSCF7882DSCF7884DSCF7831D’Alas Restaurant

IMG_7920DSCF8525DSCF8533DSCF8519Single Fin


DSCF7338DSCF7306DSCF7305DSCF7371DSCF7304DSCF7303DSCF7382Taman Pengaran Villa

DSCF8382DSCF8316DSCF8293DSCF8365DSCF8351DSCF8291DSCF8426DSCF8289DSCF8408DSCF8420DSCF8397Villa Hari Indah

DSCF8613IMG_7910DSCF8637IMG_7911DSCF8691The Sun and Surf Stay

Get a 25 GBP discount if you use my link in AirBNB: https://abnb.me/e/lDmiLl8dDO


We hired a private car with driver on getting around Bali.  This is just so convenient and it’s very cheap.  He was recommended by my friend and you can contact him on Facebook: Putu Perda Praha Bistara (+62 813 376 80087)

Other modes of transportation please refer here. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/indonesia/bali/transport/getting-around/local-transport


03:55am to 0750am MNL to DPS flight
Brunch at Seminyak
Check in at Villa

Day 2
Breakfast at Sanur
Traditional Bali Dance
Luwak Coffee
Bali Swing
Lunch at Ubud
Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Butuan and Singapadu Temples

Day 3
Check out Villa
Nusa Penida Island Tour
Check in at Bingin

Day 4
Check out Villa
Check in at Bingin Beach
Uluwatu Temple
Single Fin

Day 5
Bingin Beach
Check out
1300 Flight to KL


Detailed EXPENSES:
Driver 500K + 700K + 500K + 300K
1.2M – Nusa Tour Deposit
462K – Breakfast
900K – Shop Bags and Hats
240K – Cocktails and Icecream
720K – Dinner
388K – Breakfast
15K – Water
70K – Batik
300K – Dance
450K – Swing and Coffee
468K – Lunch
30K – Fields
100K – Hat
5K – Water
70K – Donation
100K – Temple
1.5M – Dinner
2.150 M – Nusa Penida
11K – Toilet
50K – Water
55K – Convenience Store
80K – Tip
105K – Tea and Crisps
350K – Dinner
90K – Uluwatu
300K – Shopping
460K – Lunch
90K – Cocktails
786K – Luwak Coffee
810K – Dinner
145K – Breakfast
350K – Surf
56K – Tip
478.5 K – Lunch
151.42 GBP – Villa 1
75.76 GBP – Villa 2
110.98 GBP – Villa 3
32 553.50 PHP – International Flight

Budget: 2000 GBP for 3 people


Visa Requirements:
Here are the list of countries with visa exemption: https://www.bali.com/visa-indonesia-entry-requirements-bali.html

Basic Languages:
1. Good Morning – Rahajeng Semeng
2. Good Evening – Rahajeng Wengi
3. Thank you – Suksma
4. My name is Weng – Wastan tiang Weng
5. How are you? – Punapi gatra?
6. I am fine – Tiang becik-becik
7. Where are you going? – Kal kija?
8. What time is it? – Jam kuda niki?
9. How much? – Aji kuda niki?
10. Discount – Kasi mura

It is best to change your currency outside the airport to get a better deal.  Their main currency is Indonesian Rupees.

Communication or Internet:
My mobile provider is Three so it has free data to almost all of the countries in Europe and some other countries in the world.  Fortunately, it includes Bali.  Almost all of the resorts, villas and restaurants provide free wifi.
But if you want to buy sim, it’s cheaper to buy outside the airport and on small retail stores.

There is no wardrobe restrictions in Bali.  You can wear whatever you want as long as you don’t end up naked and indecent.

Otherwise, you can always buy in Bali and come with an empty suitcase.  Everything here is hands down CHEAP.



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