When in London: Spend Summer with Lavender

DSCF2208DSCF2203DSCF2198DSCF2221DSCF2439DSCF2238DSCF2284DSCF2440DSCF2230DSCF2228IMG_4371I feel like it has always been a challenge for my photography skills whenever I’m in England.  I just don’t think I’m giving justice to how beautiful the country is no matter what the season.  All those amazing architecture that you fail to grab in a 35mm prime lens would just be enough to satiate your eyes in realtime.  One could not fathom the decadence it expresses, may it be with its history, its luxury or for its just plain blossom and greens.

It’s summer now in England.  But as you all know, summer here is not equivalent to sun, tan, beaches and palm trees.  It’s actually 8 degrees on a midday.  With your cardigan always in your bag, you’ll never know what’s in store for you in a day.  So whenever, you get the sun to parade for a couple of hours, it’s an opportunity you should never miss.

My girls and I went to the famous Mayfield Lavender farm.  There are actually two farms near my city, Winchester.  However, we chose this because of the iconic London phone booth and its delicious cafe.

So when it’s late spring to summer, grab your camera and be ready for a stroll in the lavender fields.  And did I forget to mention it’s just 2GBP entrance fee? 🙂

For more information, please visit their website.
Search on Google Maps here.

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