When in Aklan: Chill at the NEW Boracay

So, what’s up with Boracay?


I miss a real beach.  The one you’ll just laze around all day in a beanie bag, sipping on Mojitos, getting the perfect tan and watch the crystal clear water and whitest sand you can picture on your head.  Voila, you get it from the NEW Boracay.

Well it’s not necessary new. I think the appropriate word would be the OLD Boracay.  Back before the establishments, the tourist crowd, endless parties and the tremendous trash.  Boracay is not a tourist destination for me anymore. It’s my perfect escape.  To say the least, I don’t have to go to Maldives to enjoy the one of the best islands in the world to get the same adventure and experience.

What’s NEW?

  1. LESS Tourists.  Before going to the island, you get crowd control in the mainland by checking your hotel reservations.  You need to have pre-booked stays for you to get in to the island. However, there are only selected hotels in which you can book as others need to confide with the government’s laws and mandate so they’re not open for business yet.  That means you can’t just sleep on the beach and find a spontaneous backpacking lodge.
  2. NOTHING is at the White Beach.  Remember the events and beach parties? Remember the countless sunbeds at Station 2 and the tables and chairs for each beach front restaurants? Remember the numerous massage offers at the beach?  You cannot find anything in there anymore but just the people wandering around the sand and swimming in the water.  Plus, there are no more nets put up that protect you from the wind during rainy season.  Because rain or shine, Boracay is still amazing.
  3. You get to ENJOY THE VIEW. Nothing blocks the beach.  Parasailing and other activities like water sports have only one specific area so beach lovers can enjoy the paramount island beauty and witness the gorgeous view of sunset. 
  4. SECURITY is everywhere. You will definitely feel safe.  There are security guards posted on the beach front to ensure laws are exercised. 
  5. GCash, Alipay, WeChat Pay are available on some food and shop outlets so tourists will not have a hard time with currency exchange.  Banks are everywhere too. 
  6. CLEAN AND GREEN is observed. No trash on the beach. No plastics everywhere: the fact that straws are made of paper or metal at the restaurants and only paper receptacles when purchasing from shops. To add on, never miss the SOLAR cars.  Public transportation are mainly these new mini solar powered cars which is a smart step for an eco-friendly environment.
  7. No NOISE.  No more parties and past midnight bass sounds.  I think the only party area that I have seen was a “club” near Station 2 to 3.  If you go to Boracay to party, sad to say but night life in there is entirely dead.  But if you just want to chill, have a couple of drinks and listen to the DJ play some beats then you still get a little bit of “life on the island.  There are no more fireworks on New Year’s Eve and flying of DRONES on the main beach is not allowed.
  8. SMOKING on the beach is not allowed.  Cigarette butts used to pollute the sand before and it was just very appalling to see.  If there is one thing that I loved about what the government changed was taking care of nature and making sure that these policies are exercised.  You can enjoy shisha at a famous place in Station 1.
  9. Everything is organized with the lines for tourist and locals. Including the flow of queue purchasing tickets and riding the boat transfers which makes everything very speedy.

    Here is the course of getting into and around the island:

  1. The island is WORTH IT.  Though in my opinion, the costs of having a vacation has gone up and has become expensive.  Probably because of less tourists generating less income, the beach will always be incomparable.  Decent hotels start at 7000 per night with its prime location and each meal would cost 400 to 700 pesos.  So, yes Boracay is of “European” budget but of WORLD CLASS destination.

Where to Stay:
Station 1:
White House Beach Resort
Boracay, Malay, 5608 Aklan, Philippines
 +63 36 288 3675

Station 2:
The Tides Hotel Boracay
 D’Mall Station 2, Boracay Island, Boracay, 5608 Aklan, Philippines
 +63 2 722 9200

I always book different hotels when I go on vacation because I want to explore different areas and get a different experience. 
If you’re ever wondering the best place to stay in Boracay, it will always be Station 1.  It has exquisite powder white sand in all of the White Beach.  It can provide a bit of “exclusivity and quietness”.  Less crowd means that you get the stunning sunset picture without people having to block your view.


But if you want the Boracay experience, head to Station 2.  Wherein you are in the best prime locations of restaurants, shopping malls and parties.  Though the beach may be crowded in the sunset, the long stretch of the famous White Beach exhibits a good swim.

Budget: 12 000 PHP per person (3 days 2 nights)

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