When in Budapest: Soak in the famous Thermal Baths


I know I haven’t written anything about any countries in Europe.  For I know that they may all look different, but they all give me the same feeling.  But Hungary just gave me a surprise.  It gave me a real vacation. One that is peaceful yet decadent, valuable yet with a priceless experience.

We were supposed to go to Finland in February but it was still unreachable with an expense estimate of 2000GBP apart from winter clothes and gear. So we were scouting for the best places to visit that we did not need to buy any heavy coats. Fortunately, we found Budapest.  And I just want to share with you guys how much I love it.  I hope you will love it too.


1. Budapest is insanely cheap. Their main tourist spots are for free. The only ones thay we really paid for was the optional entry to the Matthias Church, National Museum and the ride going to the Buda Castle.
2. Public transportation is the easiest I have ever seen in Europe. Every street has either a bus, tram, or a metro stop. The farthest you have to walk is probably 8 minutes. 😂 And did I mention that the seven day travel card is just 13 GBP? And there is no crowd even if it’s peak hours.
3. Their stays or luxurious hotels are a bargain. With the best prime locations near the Danube River or the High Street, you can get it for as low as 60GBP a night. Fine dining is just as low as 15GBP.
4. Hungarian cuisine really surprised me. The fact that I’m not really familiar and never expected anything apart from their famous sausage. I loved every dish they have, seasoned with their very own paprika. Never miss trying the Goulash soup which has captured my picky taste.
5. The city offers the best sunsets. From rooftops views to the river sights, it will always give you the picturesque experience.
6. It feels like time stops when you’re traveling here. You always have enough time and can tick all in your itinerary as everything here is just hands down CHILL.
7. To top it off, you can enjoy a glimpse of Europe with the similarities of Berlin, Paris and Barcelona without hurting your pocket.


DSCF5759St. Stephen’s Basilica

New York Cafe
DSCF5928The Parliament
DSCF5893Kossuth Lajos Ter
DSCF5937Fisherman’s Bastion

Night Cruise by the River
DSCF6081Matthias Church
DSCF6165Szechenyi Bridge

Buda Castle

Szechenyi Thermal Baths
DSCF6395Fovam Square

Cornivus University


Grand Market
DSCF6234Reformatus Egyhazmegyek
Hungarian NationalHungarian National Museum (not my photo)
DSCF6415Shoes on the Danube
IMG_7455Budapest Eye

Budapest at Night


New York Café
Arany Hordo Eterrem
Aria Hotel Rooftop Bar
Vogue Restaurant Floating Bar
St. Stephen’s Square
Var Bistro
Café Lanchid Sorozo
Sorforras Eterrem
La Lucia Wok and Grill
Amber’s Café
St. Andrea’s Skybar
Evidens Bistro Magyaros Etterem

The Magazine Hotel & Apartments
Address: Budapest, Szent István tér 4, 1051 Hungary
Phone: +36 70 611 1088

Budapest Marriott Hotel
Address: Budapest, Apáczai Csere János u. 4, 1052 Hungary
Phone: +36 1 486 5000


1. Do research in advance for your itinerary if you want to save some time. However, each location is just 20 minutes from each other so you will surely have plenty of time to roam around.
2. To save money, buy the Hungarian Forint currency in your own country. This will let you save a couple of bucks rather than do it at the airport.
3. Do make the most of your visit and eat Hungarian cuisine everyday.  They have a lot of appetizers, mains and down to desserts to choose from.  Apple Strudel and Goulash soup are the ones you wouldn’t want to miss.
4. Always bring an identification card with you as there will be spot checks against your transportation ticket.
5. There are not enough tourists so you wouldn’t have a problem with getting your Instagram shot.
6. Make the most of the sunset views by the Danube River and rooftop views within the city. Brunch and cocktails can never go out of style with Budapest travel.
7. Never miss trying out their thermal bath spa.  The largest in Europe can be found here.

Budget 400 GBP for 5 days


2 thoughts on “When in Budapest: Soak in the famous Thermal Baths

  1. Thank you very much! As much as I love to travel, I never even thought about travelling to Budapest. The information you provided will be very helpful. I will definitely be travelling to Budapest very soon 🙂


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