When in Oxford: Punting at Magdalen Bridge

England has surprisingly been generous with a good weather. My girls and I decided to go to Oxford for our day off.  It is an hour train from Winchester or London Paddington.
Coming from Winchester which is a gorgeous city as well by the way, we arrived at Oxford around one in the afternoon.  It was just in time as we were craving for paella.  Yes, we just went to Oxford to eat something Spanish. lol. After a few drinks of Sangria, we went on a city tour.


I personally visited Oxford two years ago and almost covered what is there to see from the Natural History Museum and the famous Harry Potter spot in Christ Church College but surprisingly, there is just so much more to see.  This blog post won’t talk about the must see in Oxford as I feel like I have reached the adulthood of travelling and would pretty much enjoy my time on cute cafes.  And if you want just a day trip of doing nothing and lazying around in spring, I hope this blog helps you.  After all, you have every other time to be bored except when you’re in Oxford.

So what do you do in Oxford for JUST six hours?

Lunch at Al-Andalus Tapas Bar

Sheldonian Theatre

 Bridge of Sighs
Bodleian Library

Radcliffe Camera
University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

St. Mary’s Church Tower Tour

Magdalen College// Oxford Botanical Garden

Punting at Magdalen Bridge

Afternoon Tea at The Grand Cafe (the first site in England)

With only a half day in Oxford, there is so much more to do. You can even go shopping before going back to the train station.  You’ll never run out of things to do. Plus, now that it’s spring, Oxford is much more beautiful with pink florals in the background.

Tips: You can’t use an Oyster Card coming here but if you’re travelling in groups of 3 or more, you can save a lot if you buy tickets with GroupSave when travelling via rail.  All places are just in walking distance so there’s no need to take a bus.


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