Hello, Stranger!

I have wondered and now I wander.  I’ve always wanted to wander the world and experience its beauty.  My name is Jerryl Yvonne Jover, but my friends call me Weng.  I’m a registered nurse and you might say my profession has nothing to do with photography or tourism and everything in between, but I guess travelling has been one of the things I am very passionate about.  I have a thing for beaches.  I always love the feel of the fine white sand under my toes, the backdrop of the crystal clear blue waters and silhouettes of sunsets.  I want to share my escapades and discoveries with you; not only the spots I once fancied and read from travel blogs but also the places and things that I have come to adore.  So join me as I unearth new places, meet new friends, tick off boxes from my bucketlist and quench my thirst for wanderlust.  Welcome to WENGWENGWANDERS!



14 thoughts on “Hello, Stranger!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your posts and they encouraged me to travel more often. The breakdown of expenses and instructions of transportation are a big help. Keep the spirit.


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