FREE Lightroom Mobile Preset


Just want to share my Wander Preset Collection that you can directly access straight to your phone.  No desktop edits but with the Lightroom CC mobile application, you can edit your pictures anywhere.

I’m giving away three presets I used on my most favourite places on Earth, NEXT to Philippines of course.

Iceland Preset

This is the first preset I truly loved.  Figuring out the best preset to use during winter season is a very difficult choice since I always find it a struggle to make my pictures awesome without the help of sunlight.

Only to think, that it goes well with ALL four seasons.

London Preset

This is an A6 VSCO Inspired Preset with my own unique adjustments.  This has always been my go to filter in VSCO.  But now that I’m editing in Lightroom, I just have to have this preset.  It’s very CLASSIC. I mostly use it on my city and indoor photos. 

Bali Preset

Define chill and nature, then you get Bali.  This preset is just laidback that really goes well with landscapes and portraits.  What I adore about this is the vintage vibe it expresses.  It’s perfect for weddings, too.

So, whatever mood you’re in or you’re still figuring out your theme on your images, I hope this inspires you.  You’re welcome to make adjustments and create your own edits.

Let me know if you enjoy them.

Happy summer everyone! 

How to Install The Wander Preset Collection:
1. Open your email.
2. Download the files (arrow down). Take note they are on .dng format. So they are pretty much blank and that’s completely normal.
3. Press the arrow up. Then Save Image.
4. Open Lightroom CC Mobile.
5. Long press the file then select.
6. Open the image.
7. Press the 3 dots in the upper right.
8. Copy ALL settings.
9. Now go back and select the photo you want to put filter. Make sure you already imported it in Lightroom.
10. Then open your picture.
11. Press the 3 dots in the upper right then paste all settings.
12. Make tweaks with exposure, highlights, contrast, etc. according to your theme.

P.S. You can now make your own preset in the mobile app. So you don’t have to copy and paste the settings all the time.  Just simply make unique adjustments to your photos and press the 3 dots again and click create preset.

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