FREE Wander Mobile Preset


Hi everyone!

I am giving away one lightroom mobile preset: the PHILIPPINES Preset.

Wonder what makes the blogger pictures so different from the rest?  Lightroom has now become the trend with editing pictures.

I have been using it as my main summer preset.  This preset works well on a sunny day and perfect for the ocean colours.  I have used it on my Bali blog post and it works well with anything under the sun.  I have loved experimenting it with my photos taken in the Philippine beaches.

I hope you love it.

Since I don’t have the luxury of time to reply to all your emails and made my Wander Preset Collection now private.  You can download it directly with this link on my dropbox.

Enjoy posting pictures guys!


How to Install:
Download the Lightroom mobile app.
Download the file on my Dropbox link.
Open the LR app and select the image (DNG file).
Click the 3 dots on the top right of the photo.
Click create preset.
Apply preset to your photos.
Make adjustments according to your theme.